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Managed IT Services

For over 20 years, we’ve handled a full range of IT & Computer Support services for our small business clients.  If you need any Information Technology (IT) support we’ll get it done quickly and efficiently.

Move to Cloud Computing

We can supercharge your business productivity by moving many of your software applications to the Cloud.  We’ll assess your needs, develop a plan, complete the project on time and usually under budget, and we’ll provide support moving forward.

 Our Focus is  Doing What’s Best for Your Business

Cloud Computing is the Key to Better Productivity

Many of our clients started with us when they had an IT or network emergency and their existing IT company dropped the ball.    Something broke and they called us to fix it.   And we’ve been providing 5-Star Managed IT Services for them ever since.   Some for over a decade.

In recent years there has been a big change in small business computing and software needs.   Many small businesses have transitioned their IT computing needs to a Cloud computing environment.  It’s more secure and more productive.   At TekMyBiz we are experts at moving you to the Cloud and keeping you happy there.   We are helping more and more small businesses with Cloud Service and Support. 

We are Microsoft Managed Serviced Providers (MSPs)

Office 365 for Business Experts

Managed IT Services Computer Support & Installation

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Desktop Setup & Support

Wireless Networking Systems

Cybersecurity Solutions

VOIP Phone Solutions

Reviews & Testimonials

Moved to Cloud

“We could not have made the move without them setting up the technology to make it happen.”

Cloud Email Solution

“The upgrade to the Cloud e-mail solution went flawlessly with little down time.  Thanks for your hard work.”

The Best Techs

“Their techs are among the best techs we have hired to work alongside our own tech group. They are competent, work hard and are easy to work with. Are there more of you?”

So Responsive

“Thank you for being so responsive. We appreciate the timely manner in which you treat our requests.”

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