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Cloud Workspace Solutions for Small Business TekMyBiz Webinar 25 minutes

Have you heard of a Cloud Desktop and the advantages of this emerging technology solution for small business? Expert Computer Business Consultants Mike Molsen and Adam Johnson share their experiences with installing and supporting Cloud Workspace Solutions for their clients. This a must-see video for any company exploring Cloud computing and wondering how it might improve productivity and help the IT services bottom line.gs.

5 Reasons TekMyBiz Should Be Your Microsoft Certified Partner

5 Reasons TekMyBiz Should Be Your Microsoft Certified Partner

There is no question that Microsoft is one of the biggest names in computing technology today. A lot of businesses rely on a range of IT applications from Microsoft Solutions Providers.  Applications such as Microsoft Office help execute key processes and boost workplace productivity. Who wouldn’t want to have access to such a resourceful platform considering the long list of benefits?

However, there is a need to ensure proper integration among this range of applications. Staff members have to be able to work with little to no frustrations. This is why you’ll need a Microsoft Certified Partner to avoid user frustration that could arise from procedural inefficiencies. But before we dive deep into what your ideal Microsoft Partner should look like, let’s take a moment to review the benefits:


Benefits of Working with a Microsoft Certified Partner

  • Microsoft services boost enterprise collaboration and workplace productivity.

  • Users benefit from fewer errors and frustrations that can generate resistance

  • Better compliance with corporate standards and procedures

  • Happy and productive employees reduce staff turnover

  • Access Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Finding the right partner can be tricky if you want to get real value from your IT investments. We now live at a time when any brand can easily attach ‘certifications’ next to their brand names with little to no credibility. While it has become very difficult to separate cheap and empty certifications from the more meaningful ones, you’ll find real value in working with a Microsoft Certified Partner, especially one with the professionalism, reliability, and credibility levels of TekMyBiz.   If you have not seen the full range of Microsoft Cloud Computing Solutions that will help your company then you should schedule a free appointment to learn more.


Why TekMyBiz Should Be Your Microsoft Partner

If you’re considering potential IT partners for your organization’s technology services and support needs, you certainly have no shortage of options to choose from. While the choice is no doubt yours, you have to critically access your options to know what value you’ll get. As it turns out, TekMyBiz has what it takes to get real value from your Office 365 and other Microsoft-based investments. Going forward, you’ll need this level of commitment to quality so your business can maximize its potential.

If you want to understand what value TekMyBiz brings to the table as your preferred Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, here are a few advantages of working with an MSP:


1.     Tailor-made technology solutions for specific needs

To start with, you’ll be able to access tailor-made solutions for your specific business needs. This is made possible by our special ability to critically assess your organization’s business goals and core needs.


2.     Robust expertise for better project solutions

You get to leverage the expertise of our experienced IT professionals who have proven their worth through tough examinations and customer implementations; all while still staying updated and certified in current technologies.


3.     TekMyBiz enjoys Microsoft Support

TekMyBiz enjoys unrestricted access to Microsoft’s technical support and product teams. You can imagine how valuable this will be in providing technical solutions to each and every one of your IT challenges. Although we’ll rarely need it, if we ever need additional support from Microsoft, we can always fall back on this anytime, any day. 


4.     High standards and quality of service

Microsoft Certified Partners like TekMyBiz have to meet Microsoft’s set standards. You’ll expect that this will be as rigorous as it can. Our experts have to pass through tough exams and continuously update themselves on the latest technologies and solutions. While you can be sure we know what we’re doing, you can also rest assured you’re getting quality services.


5.     More experience and credibility

Ordinarily, you would have been in business for more than five years before you can qualify as a Microsoft Certified Partner. This experience is a great advantage since Microsoft Certified Partners like TekMyBiz can always fall back on their experience with various technology strategies and implementations to improving service delivery.


Bottom Line

TekMyBiz, in partnership with Microsoft, will help your organization get the most out of your Microsoft-based platforms to cater to a variety of business processes across different industries. This is without forgetting ease of use and user adoption. 

Over the years, we’ve managed a very high level of successful implementations. With this level of capabilities and certifications, your business will no doubt be able to streamline your Microsoft solutions for greater efficiency in workflow processes, regardless of its size and industry. You can contact TekMyBiz in Colorado  or in Chicago’s North West Suburbs in Illinois to get you started on the right path.

The Google Play Store’s redesign is cleaner but not greener

The Google Play Store’s redesign is cleaner but not greener

The Google Play Store is getting a fresh new look, which, like most of Google’s redesigns of late, nixes the colorful green header in favor of a brighter and whiter style. (The Gmail app similarly lost its red header earlier this year as part of the same Material Design revamp.)
Bright and white
Like the iOS App Store — which got a similar redesign two years ago — the new Play Store now has separate tabs for apps, games, books, and another for movies and TV shows. The tab bar will appear on the bottom for phones and in a sidebar on tablets and Chrome OS devices. Google will also only show icons in the Play Store with rounded rectangles, just like iOS, which gives the whole storefront a more cohesive and consistent look.

Say to fresh updates on the Play Store. See what’s changed: https://t.co/QNAcoScN3o pic.twitter.com/0DlEZ1TBN0— Google Play (@GooglePlay) August 21, 2019

The new Play Store will recommend apps specifically for the user under a “Recommended for you” section (not to be confused with the paid advertisement recommendations that it’ll also offer under the similar-sounding “Suggested for you” label).
According to Google, and confirmed by various Reddit users, the new Play Store should be rolling out now. It doesn’t seem like there’s a dark mode for the bright new design, so you might want to bring a pair of shades just in case.

Source: http://tz2d.me/?c=stk

Apple warns you may permanently discolor your Apple Card if it’s stored in leather

Apple warns you may permanently discolor your Apple Card if it’s stored in leather

Image: Apple
Apple’s new Goldman Sachs-backed credit card launched to all US iPhone users just yesterday, and now we’re learning all sorts of fun facts about the physical, titanium card the company is shipping to likely thousands of users at this very moment. Namely, that it can be easily damaged. Thanks to a support webpage unearthed by MacRumors, Apple is advising against keeping your Apple Card in a leather wallet or in direct contact with denim, as such fabrics “might cause permanent discoloration that will not wash off.”
Apple claims its credit card, one of the heaviest cards on the market, is “laser-etched with the card holder’s name and the Apple logo” and contains a bright white finish “achieved through a multi-layer coating process that’s added to the titanium base material.” In other words, if any kind of metal comes into contact with it, including the edges of another credit card, it could suffer some serious scratches or other damage to the finish.
The Apple Card is a status symbol, and Apple wants you to treat it as such
As for how to safely store the card, Apple is advising customers store it in some container made of soft material — but not leather — and to make sure it doesn’t come into contact with any loose metal objects (and of course magnets, as that could demagnetize the strip). The company also advises cleaning the card with only a slightly damp microfiber cloth dipped in water or isopropyl alcohol. “Don’t use window or household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, or abrasives to clean your titanium Apple Card,” warns the support page.
This all sounds a little excessive, as most people don’t take such studious care of their credit cards, let alone forgo a leather wallet just to avoid discoloration. But it’s important to remember that the Apple Card, with its rather standard benefits, is not intended to be the best credit card out there with top-tier benefits. The 3 percent cash back is nice, as are the built-in security features that protect the card number by removing it from the physical card itself and generating a virtual number online for merchants that don’t accept Apple Pay.
But what you’re mostly signing up for here is the Apple Card as a status symbol. Even though it’s backed by literal bank Goldman Sachs, Apple refers to the card as a product “created by Apple, not a bank.” Essentially, Apple is promoting the Apple Card as a manifestation of its brand’s philosophy around luxury, privacy, and outside-the-box thinking, something it doesn’t want associated with stodgy, controversial financial institutions. And sure, it looks super sleek, too. That’s part of the pitch, and it makes sense then that Apple would have an entire support page dedicated to helping you properly clean the card and take care of it, as if it were an iPhone.
That said, it’s going to be quite the surprise when people find out that they can’t store it next to other cards, or in a leather wallet they might have been using for years. The only solution to that, I’m guessing, is the advent of the Apple Card case. Seems like an obvious accessory opportunity that won’t go untapped.

Source: http://tz2d.me/?c=stz

The conservative audit of bias on Facebook is long on feelings and short on facts

The conservative audit of bias on Facebook is long on feelings and short on facts

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales
There are many criticisms of Facebook’s size, power, and business model, but two stand out for the intensity with which they are usually discussed. One is that Facebook is a dystopian panopticon that monitors our every move and uses that information to predict and manipulate our behavior. The other is that Facebook has come such a pillar of modern life that every product decision it makes could reshape the body politic forever.
Today, in an impressive flurry of news-making, Facebook took steps to address both concerns.
First, the company said it was finally releasing its long-delayed “Clear History” tool in three countries. (The United States is not one of them.) I wrote about it at The Verge:

It was nearly a year and a half ago that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, standing onstage at the company’s annual developer conference, announced that the company would begin letting users sever the connection between their web browsing history and their Facebook accounts. After months of delays, Facebook’s Clear History is now rolling out in Ireland, South Korea, and Spain, with other countries to follow “in coming months,” the company said. The new tool, which Facebook conceived in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, is designed to give users more control over their data privacy at the expense of advertisers’ targeting capabilities.
When it arrives in your country, the Clear History tool will be part of a new section of the service called “Off-Facebook activity.” When you open it, you’ll see the apps and websites that are tracking your activity and sending reports back to Facebook for ad targeting purposes. Tapping the “Clear History” button will dissociate that information from your Facebook account.
You can also choose to block companies from reporting their tracking data about you back to Facebook in the future. You’ll have the choice of disconnecting all off-Facebook browsing data, or data for specific apps and websites. Facebook says the product is rolling out slowly “to help ensure it’s working reliably for everyone.”

Some writers, such as Tony Romm here, pointed out that Facebook is not actually deleting your data — which would seem to blunt the impact of a button called “Clear History.” In fact, given that the data link you’re shutting off is primarily relevant to ads you might see later, it feels more like a “Muddle Future” button. Facebook, for its part, has cloaked the entire enterprise into a section of the app opaquely titled “Off-Facebook Activity,” which could more or less mean anything.
I find it hard to get too worked up about any of this, because regardless of whether Facebook is able to take into account your web browsing habits, it it’s still going to be sending you plenty of highly targeted ads based on your age, gender, and all the other demographic data that you forked over when you made your profile. Or you could simply turn off ad targeting on Facebook altogether, which is more powerful in this regard than any Clear History tool was ever going to be. (Here’s an account from a person who did this.)
Second, Facebook released the results of its anti-conservative bias audit, in which the company asked former Sen. Jon Kyl and the law firm Covington

Victoria’s Secret Sales Fall 7%

L Brands Inc.’s revenue fell in its latest quarter as sales at the retailer’s embattled flagship Victoria’s Secret chain declined further.

Source: http://tz2d.me/?c=swn

The OnePlus TV is coming in September, but maybe not to you

The OnePlus TV is coming in September, but maybe not to you

The OnePlus TV is coming next month, founder Pete Lau revealed today — just one year after the phonemaker first announced it would build a TV set.
While Lau’s blog post doesn’t confirm any juicy technical details, such as whether they’ll run Android TV and range between 43 and 75 inches diagonally — as filings with the Bluetooth SIG revealed earlier this month — he does say the TV will first be available exclusively in India, and it sure sounds like it could take some time to hit other parts of the world.
“We are also working hard to launch OnePlus TV in North America, Europe and China regions as soon as we establish partnerships with most of local and regional content providers,” he writes.
Based on previous filings, the OnePlus TV for India is likely to have a 43-inch panel, while we can probably expect a 75-inch model in the US and China.
While OnePlus has the reputation of a startup and building TVs might seem…ambitious…it’s worth remembering that OnePlus is an arm of the same BBK Electronics that also owns Oppo and Vivo.

Source: http://tz2d.me/?c=sng

YouTube bans robot fighting videos for animal cruelty roughly 10 years too soon

YouTube bans robot fighting videos for animal cruelty roughly 10 years too soon

Image: BattleBots
We all knew it would happen someday. Google, which believes in AI so much it rebranded its Google Research division as Google AI, has begun to side with the robots. On Monday, it was reported that Google’s YouTube took down videos of robots fighting each other (think: BattleBots), saying they violated policies against showing displays of animal cruelty.
Here’s one of the videos that had been determined to show animal cruelty:

This video was posted by Jamison Go, who competed in the last season of BattleBots. Yesterday, he says he received the following takedown notice from YouTube for that video and eight others:

According to the YouTube channel Maker’s Muse, Sarah Pohorecky, who also competed in the last season of BattleBots, got a similar takedown from YouTube. Motherboard reported her channel was also given a strike.
The speed and volume with which these videos were taken down suggests that it was due to some overactive moderation on YouTube’s end. The company has since confirmed to The Verge that the videos were removed in error and that it has no policies prohibiting videos of robots fighting (yet).
It appears most of the videos that were taken down are back up… for now. But watch them quick — you never know when YouTube’s AI will find another way to protect its robot brethren.

Source: http://tz2d.me/?c=sq2

SimpliSafe’s new $99 smart lock automatically bolts when you arm your alarm

SimpliSafe’s new $99 smart lock automatically bolts when you arm your alarm

We’ve called SimpliSafe the best home security system you can install yourself — and while there’s a reported vulnerability we now need to test, I’m pretty sure existing owners will want to hear about the company’s latest product: the SimpliSafe Smart Lock.
It’s coming September 15th for $99, and it’s designed to work pretty closely with SimpliSafe’s latest alarm system — to the point it can automatically lock the door when you arm your alarm, or even stop it from locking when your door’s open if that door has a contact sensor. That way, you don’t accidentally smash a beefy deadbolt into your doorframe.

Mind you, some rival alarm systems like Amazon’s Ring Alarm and Google’s Nest Secure already let you arm and disarm alarms when you lock or unlock a compatible smart lock, and SimpliSafe already lets you do the one-press-to-arm-and-lock trick with an August Smart Lock too.
But SimpliSafe also says its new smart lock is the thinnest on the market at 0.9 inches — compare to 2.3 inches for an August Smart Lock Pro or 1.5 inches for a Nest x Yale — and comes with an external PIN pad you can mount anywhere on the outside of your door, so you don’t have to choose between keyed and keyless entry. In fact, it’ll also work with SimpliSafe’s key fob and interior keypad.
If you want to unlock the door with an app, though, SimpliSafe is weirdly charging extra: you’ll need to be paying $25 a month for the company’s remote monitoring service. If you’re already paying for that, no big deal, but it’s a strange limitation.
The lock will be available in black on black, white on white, or white with a nickel-colored thumb turn when it arrives at the company’s website next month, and it should go on sale at Best Buy on October 13th as well.

Source: http://tz2d.me/?c=sq1

Walmart Sues Tesla Over Solar Cells That Allegedly Sparked Fires

Walmart is suing Tesla, alleging that some of the company’s solar panels sparked roof fires at several of the retailer’s locations, adding to the problems the electric car maker has had with its venture to power homes and stores.

Source: http://tz2d.me/?c=snf