Mobile Device Support and Management from TekMyBiz

When it comes to your business, you can’t afford to be tied down due to cables and wires. With our mobile device management, you can stay connected to your business while on the go. Smartphones are now an integrated piece of the American business model, which means your devices need to be ready to go and functioning at every moment.

Our mobile device support and management provides setup and support for your mobile devices, regardless of operating system or model. We will help you roll all of your mobile devices into a managed service agreement to provide one point of contact for your staff’s mobile device needs. That way, whether it’s basic troubleshooting or an emergency issue, you know you will be taken care of.  Read below to get more information on our mobile device management and find out why TekMyBiz is the best IT partner.

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the administration of mobile devices. Examples of mobile devices are mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Both Android and iOS or iPhones and iPads fall into the mobile device classification. To say it differently, Mobile Device Management is the administration of mobile devices of all OS flavors. Many businesses have mobile devices with a mix of Android and iOS that need to be managed by the same administration.


How can Mobile Device Management help my business?

Mobile Device Management is used primarily for business continuity and security. If you need your phones to be running for your business-critical applications and you need to protect your company data, you need Mobile Device Support.


What can you use Mobile Device Management for?


With the right Mobile Device Management tool you can:

Secure your devices:

It is estimated that over 3 million phones are stolen each year. If your phone is stolen and you have valuable company data on the phone you can wipe the phone remotely. You can also track where the phone is and hopefully retrieve it.

Control your devices:

Inventory of devices can be very helpful when needing to assign, reassign or get support for any device. With Mobile Device Management, you will have a real-time view of what device is assigned to which staff member and all the pertinent information needed to get support. Remote installs and removals make application installation and administration easy.

Restrict Functions:

Application white and blacklisting help you control what your mobile devices are used for.  Content filtering can help keep Internet content to what is appropriate for your business.

Track the location:

Helping you find that lost phone is one way device tracking can be used. With mobile device support, you can track where your device is at any moment. This is also very helpful with logistics and people management.