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  • Backups To The Cloud
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Cloud Services in Colorado Springs are services accessible via the cloud infrastructure of the Internet. They are services not hosted in your brick and mortar building but outside your building in the “Cloud”. iCloud is a great example of the cloud.


What is the Cloud?

The “Cloud” is not one thing but many things. There are many cloud services in Colorado Springs offered but not all of them are the same and no one service makes up the cloud in its entirety. The term “The Cloud” is a reference to all the services offered in the cloud. Services that you access via the Internet are considered the cloud. The cloud to you then are the services you access via the Internet. Those services are hosted on hardware, typically servers, that allow many people to access the services at the same time. Those cloud hosting servers are located in data Centers. Data Centers are buildings with the infrastructure needed to keep the services running 24/7. Data Centers are engineered for redundancy. Data Centers typically have redundant servers, power, and Internet connections. Data Centers are networked together to provide redundancy for each other. If a Data Center located in Eastern United States go down, then the Data Center located in the middle of the United States would take over providing the services to the end user without interruption. Data Centers can be networked world wide for very deep redundancy. Microsoft has Data Centers located throughout the world as do many other large cloud service providers. TekMyBiz offers great cloud services in Colorado Springs.


What are some benefits of cloud services?

One of the first major applications that was widely accepted as Cloud Services in Colorado Springs was e-mail. Microsoft calls its cloud based email service Office 365 or O365. Prior to O365 most businesses had their e-mail servers located in their office buildings. If the power to your office was down, your email was down. Some of the benefits achieved by cloud hosting e-mail are also achieved when applications and data are hosted in the cloud. Here is a list of the major benefits of cloud.

  1. Availability: Microsoft has redundant data centers that allow for greater up-time of the email than can be achieved via on premise solutions. If the power goes out to the office, email is not impacted.


  1. Synchronization: E-mail is synchronized between your desktop and mobile devices. Your email is also available via the Web.


  1. Security: Microsoft spends millions of dollars on security to make sure their data centers are secure. To replicate the security of the Microsoft Data Centers would be cost prohibitive for most companies. Because of this, the security offered by the Microsoft Data Centers is greater than most in-house security features. Microsoft hosts their datacenters by regions. Clients of Microsoft that are in the United States will have their e-mail hosted in United States Data Centers. The 3 primary data centers in the US are located in Quincy Washington, San Antonio Texas, and Chicago Illinois. You will still get the same level of security for cloud services in Colorado Springs.


  1. Privacy: Quoting from the Microsoft Trust Center website:
    “With the Office 365 service it’s our responsibility to keep your data safe and secure. It’s your data. You own it. You control it. And it is yours to take with you if you decide to leave the service.”


The core tenants of the Microsoft’s approach to cloud hosting privacy can be found at their Trust Center Website at


  1. Disaster Recovery: When an internal e-mail server fails, it can cause email flow to stop days at a time. This impacts productivity as well as increased consulting costs to repair. The Microsoft data centers provide protection from disaster recover for their cloud services in Colorado Springs.


  1. Reduced Upgrade Costs: O365 uses the most current version of email software. Upgrades are built into the service so the organization always has state-of-the-art technology. Microsoft releases a new version of Exchange every 3 years. Upgrade costs include the software and the time to implement the upgrade. With O365, Microsoft handles the upgrade for you. Reducing hassle and down time for cloud services in Colorado Springs.


  1. Reduced Maintenance Costs: Maintenance costs are reduced in that Microsoft does all the heavy lifting of keeping the servers’ current and running.


  1. Reduced Non-Deliverable Emails: Some on premise servers suffer from a trust issue and are seen as spam, Microsoft Servers are trusted and will reduce email delivery problems for their cloud services in Colorado Springs.


  1. Auditors love it: O365 meets the requirements of backup and disaster recover auditors crave.


Does the cloud work in all environments?

No. If your internet connection is slow you will suffer lag times that will make you switch back to an on-premise solution.  Also, some cloud service providers have trimmed their functionality when placing services in the cloud. This is true of Quick Books. The cloud based service was different than the on-premise solution and many users preferred the on-premise solution and would not switch to the cloud based. A cloud based solution was the answer though. Rather than running QB from the QB data center using the cloud based solution, a workable solution was to move the on-premise software to a cloud based server and remote into the server using VPN and Remote Desktop software. So, you can get great cloud services in Colorado Springs.


What cloud Services does TMB offer?

  • Cloud Hosting Email
  • Cloud Based File Sharing
  • Backups To The Cloud
  • VOIP In The Cloud

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