Do you have the need to connect hundreds or thousands of devices to the Internet at the same time?

Then TMB’s Public Venue WIFI is what you are looking for.

Hotels, Conference Centers and Mega Churches are some of our clients that are making use of this great public venue wifi technology. Universities, Auditoriums, sports stadiums and concert halls all need the ability to have hundreds/thousands of people connect to the Internet at the same time. TekMyBiz has the right technology to make that happen.

WIFI coverage in large open venues poses several challenges in WIFI design and layout. Issues to contend with are the total number of active wireless clients, Internet bandwidth, availability of power to mount Wireless Access Points (WAP), spacing between WAPs, and the ability to roam the entire venue without dropping your connection.

These high-density environments are not meant for your typical off the shelf Wireless Access Points. TekMyBiz has several solutions for public venue wifi, depending on your need, that will make your public venue a rock-solid solution. People have come to expect that a large public venue will provide their needed WIFI access, and with a TekMyBiz LPV solution they will get it.

Large venue wifi requires careful design and layout of the WIFI. TekMyBiz has the tools and the engineers qualified to provide the correct design that will make your Public Venue WIFI work effortlessly for your LPV WIFI users.

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To get started, we review your business requirements and your desired outcome. We then do a site survey to determine what issues may arise in achieving your objectives. We do testing as part of the site survey to measure signal strength and clarity. Areas with high interference and high density require special attention to ensure the WIFI design meets your needs. Our engineers  for large venue wifi will design and implement your LPV WIFI according to all IEEE 802.11x WIFI standards. We also test and certify all installations to ensure they meet the IEEE 802.11x standards.

If your need is to make your LPV WIFI work effortlessly and consistently, TekMyBiz has the highest capacity, highest performance devices needed to make that a reality. Our team of engineers and technicians will design, implement and test a solution that meets your large venue wifi for your specific requirements.