Small Business Technology Solutions Are Constantly Improving 

You have IT projects, we have the small business technology solutions in Colorado Springs. TekMyBiz can take your vision of what needs to happen and turn it into a manageable project with budgets, deliverables, and timelines. We can assist with the development of the project based on your business objectives, provide oversight and project management or jump in after the project has been defined and help create the deliverables and meet deadlines. Let us know how we can help get your project from conception to completion. IT Project Management is the responsibility of clearly defining the objectives, making plans to meet those objectives, determining who is responsible to meet individual objectives, and then organizing and managing the people and equipment to make the plan a reality. We have the small business technology solutions in Colorado Springs that you’ve been looking for!


Three types of IT Project Life Cycles:

1: Predictive Life Cycle:

The Predictive Life Cycle is the most commonly used life cycle for small business technology solutions in Colorado Springs. The business and IT objectives are identified from the outset. The project manager and the project team define the project scope, timelines, and expected costs before the project even starts. Typically, phases of the project are identified in a defined order based on the timeline.  As the first phase is completed it cascades into the second phase and so on creating what is referred to as a “waterfall” effect of phase completion.


2: Iterative Life Cycle:

With an Iterative Life Cycle, you do not start with a fully specified list of requirements. You state the major objectives and requirements knowing that as parts of the project are completed more objective may be identified. As the major objectives or smaller parts of the objective are accomplished, the project is reviewed in “iterations” to confirm the major objectives and/or identify new objectives to successfully find a small business technology solution in Colorado Springs for your business.


3: Adaptive Life Cycle:

Adaptive life cycle also uses iterations of planning and execution, but the planning typically happens in two-week cycles.  The analogy is of a rolling wave of planning and executing. Change to the IT project is expected as the cycle “Adapts” to wave of planning and execution. Scrum project management of software development is an example of the Adaptive Life Cycle. This lifecycle has been proven a successful style for small business technology solutions in Colorado Springs.

Case Study: Development Of an IT Project Plan & an Effective IT Solution

Management of a large not-for-profit organization was becoming increasingly frustrated that their organization’s objectives were seemingly being thwarted by the “headache” of how technology was underperforming and in some instances hindering workflow. Some departments were so frustrated with the lack of functionality they were creating their own IT solutions outside the organization’s control. They were desperate for small business technology solutions in Colorado Springs.


TekMyBiz was brought in to resolve the problems and frustration. TekMyBiz gathered all the department heads for a meeting to discuss what was going wrong. After listening to the varied list of issues we thanked the department heads for their insight and help and then dismissed them with the promise of coming up with a IT Project Plan that would address all their concerns. We then prioritized the needs by urgency and then thought through what solutions would address the concerns.


TekMyBiz found a small business technology solution in Colorado Springs for this company. We designed a 3-phase timeline that would resolve the most urgent needs first in the first phase. We developed a Predictive Life Cycle approach. We then presented our plan to management and gained their approval. We communicated the plan to the entire organization with start and end dates. We then started and managed the project to completion receiving many thanks from management and department heads alike. The project was a success because we intently listened to the needs, prioritized the needs, developed a reasonable timeline to accomplish the needs, communicated the plan to both management and staff alike and worked hard to accomplish the plan on time.