IT Staff Augmentation is a short-term solution designed to meet specific IT goals.


IT staffing brings skilled technicians in-house to work side-by-side with full-time employees.

 “Adam is a pleasure to work with. He came in and we felt he was a part of the team from day 1.”

 The objective is to cover for full-time employees during vacations or short absences or to help meet a deadline that will require more hands to accomplish. “Many hands make light work”. The key is to bring in the right people with the right skill set to meet the specific objective.


IT Staff Augmentation Benefits:

  • Access to the right skill set right away

TekMyBiz has a team of highly skilled and personable technicians. Our clientèle have given us great reviews on our ability to work well with their staff and come up to speed quickly on what needs to be done for IT staff augmentation in Colorado Springs.

  • Human resources ready to work without recruiting or training

TekMyBiz IT staffing includes technicians that are battle tested and will be a reliable well of talent that you can draw from time and again as your demand ebbs and flows. No need to recruit and no need to train.

  • Flexibility to scale human resources up or down as needed

When management finally determines, they need the IT project you have been pushing for the past 7 months they will no doubt need it done ASAP. Your first call should be to TekMyBiz who will have the talent pool waiting to get to work. When the project is completed on time and under budget you can say your goodbyes and so longs, until you need IT staffing augmentation in Colorado Springs again.

  • Reduce staffing costs

Full-time staff come with a hefty price tag. And if you don’t do your due diligence in the hiring process you may end up with a full-time headache. Don’t hire full-time staff to solve a short-term need. TekMyBiz technicians can be a readymade pool of tech savvy human resources to help you when you need it.



Scenario 1:

You may need IT staffing augmentation in Colorado Springs because your best technician on the IT staff needs a break. She just finished upgrading 200 PCs to the latest Operating System. It was a big push and took her long hours to meet the deadline. She has a vacation coming up (what?) and you realize the firewalls and servers are due for security updates. How can you give your valued staff person a break and still get the security updates installed? Call TekMyBiz and let us handle the IT staffing and take care of the security updates while your best technician sips cool beverages by the poolside.


Scenario 2:

An encrypt-o virus has hit several businesses in your industry. It looks like your industry is being targeted. Management calls you in and demands to know “How safe are we?” You tell them there are many layers required to make the security tight and if they would just approve your latest proposal you would get to work right away to give them the peace of mind they are now requesting. They give you approval and set an unrealistic deadline for you to meet with your current staff working 24/7. You are in need of some IT staffing augmentation in Colorado Springs. The solution is to call in the TekMyBiz technician that covered for Sara on her vacation. With TMB’s help we can meet that deadline with ease.




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