Is Your Business Information on the Dark Web?

We’ll find out for you with a free dark web scan.

A computer popup box screen warning of a system being hacked, in a compromised software environment.

Many companies are surprised to find that key business information, employee emails, and passwords, for example, are on the Dark Web.  That is a huge problem because your company will never know about it until it’s too late.

That is until today.  Now, In a matter of a few hours, you can know if any of your company data is at risk.


A new Dark Web scanning service offered by TekMyBiz will do the heavy lifting for you.  It actually mimics a hacker that wants to buy your info on the Dark Web as a way to find out if any of your company information is at risk right now.

And the good news is…the first scan is free.    GET STARTED 



 How many company email addresses has your business issued in the last 5 years?

Over the years your company has issued a good number of credentials to employees, vendors, techs, etc.   It is nearly impossible to know if any of your business data, even one email address, and password, may be currently for sale on the Dark Web?  Now you have a new option to be more certain that your company information, even one old email address and password has not been compromised.   That’s a big reason why the Dark Web scanning service from TekMyBiz is so important for your business to have these days.


According to Mike Molsen, TekMyBiz president, “In today’s Cyber Security environment, this is a new and very affordable service we provide for our clients that allows them to catch a breach where it can hurt them the most, on the Dark Web.”  We will do their first scan for free to see if anything is out there right now. Really, every small business should take advantage of this offer. You have nothing to lose and we could help you prevent a looming security disaster for your company that you currently know nothing about.”

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is an ever-growing number of tens of thousands of websites that are only accessible from one browser.  According to  This collection of websites exist only on an encrypted network and cannot be found by using traditional search engines or visited by using traditional browsers.

The Tor Browser is the most popular application used for accessing the dark web. But by itself, it’s not entirely secure. Over the years, we have seen numerous vulnerabilities that have affected the security of Tor’s users and its nodes. Let’s be clear: Tor does not provide absolute anonymity or security, and users should not rely solely on it to safeguard themselves.”

Almost all sites on the so-called Dark Web hide their identity using the Tor encryption tool. You may know Tor for its ability to hide your identity and activity. You can use Tor to spoof your location so it appears you’re in a different country to where you’re really located, making it much like using a VPN service.


When a website is run through Tor it has much the same effect.


Indeed, it multiplies the effect. To visit a site on the Dark Web that is using Tor encryption, the web user needs to be using Tor. Just as the end user’s IP address is bounced through several layers of encryption to appear to be at another IP address on the Tor network, so is that of the website.

“Really every business needs to have this critical new service, it’s about as important to catch these guys early, as it is to back up your data to prevent a Ransomware attack.”, according to Adam Johnson TekMyBiz Chicago area Computer Consultant.



Is the Dark Web Dangerous to the Average Small Business?


Yes, the Dark Web is dangerous. And it is totally unregulated.  It’s the worst side of the wild west of the internet. Only the savvy will survive not being exploited in some way over time.    

“Only experienced computer users should even browse the dark web, as only they are sufficiently aware of the dangers like viruses using the Javascript (.JS) extension that lurk there.  If you’re worried about illegal activity on the dark web or in underground forums, just remember: there is no legislature that can protect users from crimes conducted on the dark web.” according to the folks at Best Security Search website.

Beat the Hackers at Their Own Game


So every small business needs to pay attention to the potential for their basic information to be exploited on the Dark Web.  The new scanning service helps you beat hackers at their own game by going to where they are and fooling them.  

According to Molsen, “The Dark Web is like the Dark Side in the Star Wars movies.   There are lots of bad guys who have great computing skills on the dark side. These computer programmers and coders are criminals.  Most of them live in countries where stealing your business data is just no big deal. It’s the way things are done where they come from.   Your current Cyber Security efforts, as good as they are, are just playing defense. It’s an even better strategy to have a team of Jedi’s on the offense, going on the Dark Web to make sure any risks to you are eliminated.   That’s what our Dark Web monitoring service does. And the first scan is free so contact us and let us put your mind at ease about your data on the Dark Web.”  


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