A beautiful year-round climate, unrestricted access to the outdoors, a healthy and growing economy, incredible affordability and the whole of nature’s beauty all around you, it’s very easy to fall in love with Colorado Springs. This city is home to about 750,000 people and is about an hour south of Denver. The big city still has a small town charm and is no doubt a melting pot of the West.

Although people have always been attracted to Colorado Springs, the city has seen more influx of new residents in recent years. The highly welcoming and inclusive city thrives on military families.  There are several bases in the area and active and retired military make up about 20% of the cities population.    

Like any thriving city,  small businesses  are the mainstay of the economy. There’s really a whole lot to this city that has emerged the number one city in the U.S. to live in, for many reasons


A Few Facts about Colorado Springs, CO

  • According to US News, Colorado is the most desirable city to live in the US. This is all thanks to its affordability, bountiful employment and business opportunities, and explosive population growth.
  • Colorado Springs is ranked only second to Denver as the best place to live in America in 2019.
  • Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, The Broad Moor Hotel, The University of Colorado, and Olympic Training Center are popular attractions, but they are just a few out of many.
  • It’s the Best American City, according to Outside Magazine, based on cultural vibrancy, economic wellbeing, and overall quality of life.


A Brief Overview of Colorado Springs

The recent influx of new residents into Colorado Springs only strengthens our perception of the city. This beautiful city is not just amazing; it’s simply one of the best places on earth. The city is located right at the base of the Pikes Peak that you can see from any point in the city. The Garden of the Gods and the Olympic Training Center are some of the famous landmarks here. It is also famous for its military bases as well as its great outdoors. The whole city and El Paso County, in particular, have seen major developments in recent times.

The climate here is equally amazing. Colorado Springs enjoys dry but mild weather. The temperate climate along with its high elevation and low humidity are responsible for the city’s superb air quality. There are four unique seasons from summer to winter so you can always choose your favorite. Colorado Springs sees about 300 days of sunshine annually so you’ll never be restricted indoors. This is one of the reasons why Colorado continues to interest active individuals and families as well as business owners who are highly attracted to life in this city.


Are you attracted to the Colorado Lifestyle?

Are you contemplating a move to somewhere in El Paso County or some of the family-friendly neighborhoods of Colorado Springs? Life here is generally great. Whether you’re here for a job or for business, opportunities abound everywhere. About 90% of the city’s businesses are small businesses with less than 500 employees. You’ll hardly find a better place for business and family.

El Paso County homes sold at an average of $315k, very close to Colorado Springs’ average of $311.3k. On the other hand, average rent in Colorado Springs is $1,165. This is still significantly below the national rent average of $1,405. Series of local events, trails, and parks of several kinds and the strong sense of community are some of the things that make life in Colorado Springs very exciting.


Colorado Springs is a Land of Opportunities

Hardly anything will get in the way of happiness and excitement here in Colorado Springs.

Our days are often sunny and the weather rarely gets in the way of smooth business operations and outdoor activities. If you’re coming here to raise a family, you’ll love the safety and tranquility of this family-friendly community. If you’re here for career opportunities as well, the wonderful environment is your starting point.


If you’ll be coming here for business, you’ll find real success in this vibrant business economy.

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