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3 or More Applications Are Used by 83% of Workers

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Ransomware Webinar – How to Protect Your Small Business

Ransomware Webinar – How to Protect Your Small Business

Ransomware is the Top Cybersecurity Threat to Your Small Business  


The ransomware numbers are staggering.   In this short webinar TekMyBiz experts explain the threat and the potential impact to your company.  They also show you how to protect your data so the hackers and criminals can’t “ransom” your own data back to you.   This webinar is vital information for all small businesses.




Watch The Ransomware Webinar Below:

Ransomware Webinar Transcript

How to Protect Your Company from Data Kidnappers

Today we are talking about a really important topic.  It’s a problem that is affecting a ton of businesses and you’ve entitled this presentation Ransomware Rising. So how did you come up with that title?


Mike Molsen: So we live in the reality that more people are being hit by ransomware and that the ransomware itself, these attacks have actually gotten much more sophisticated.

So we thought we would start out today by talking about exactly what Ransomware is and the definition is really that bad guys, criminals come in. They get into your system. They capture your data and they will encrypt it and hold it ransom or in some cases, they say, “Hey, I’m going to expose all this to your competitors and put it out on the web,” and they will relent from that if you pay them the ransom.

Derek Packard: All right. So how big a problem is Ransomware really? I mean is it being exaggerated? I’m reading some really dramatic stuff on the internet about it.

Mike Molsen: Ransomware is different today than it was two years ago. But there are more increases and actually there’s a slide that we have that talks about – from SC Media who’s a security media outlet and they watch this kind of thing.

They say in the first half of 2019, 4000 data breaches occurred, exposing four billion records and what’s interesting about that is, is that from 2018 to 2019, there’s actually a 54 percent increase in the amount of ransomware and just – we can just see that happening with people. We hear more stories on it. Fox News did a thing the other night on it. It’s more prevalent and the culture is reflecting that through news and our experience with it as well.

Adam Johnson: The danger has really significantly increased both in the frequency of infections and what ransomware is capable of doing which we will talk about later in the presentation. But it’s really a very huge problems that all business owners really need to take seriously and pay attention to.

Mike Molsen: Yeah. We’re seeing that small business owners have the mindset of, “Well, I’ve got my antivirus and my data is not that important. You know, no one from Russia is going to want my data,” and the reality is, they probably don’t want your data. But what they do want is your money and they will hold your data ransom because they know you want your data.   


Mike Molsen: The thing about TekMyBiz is we’ve been doing this since 1993. We have a long relationship with our clients typically. Our clients say that we’re very responsive, that we’re knowledgeable, that we’re easy to work with.

Again, responsive. We get some – some clients, with new clients, just because they’re a tech company, won’t return that phone call, which just does not compute to Adam and I. I mean we want to be very responsive to our clients and make sure that their technology needs are met.

Adam Johnson: I would just add that we’re people-friendly. We like interacting. We like to explain technology in a way that’s very understandable and we really want to use technology to help our clients grow their business and protect them.

Derek Packard: Well, that’s about all the time we have today for this tech webinar. But as you guys learned – I hope you learned something about ransomware today. As you can see from what Mike and Adam were saying, this is a very real problem. It seems to be getting worse and it seems to be getting more sophisticated. So it’s really only a matter of time until it might affect your business.

If you want to learn more about ransomware or how TekMyBiz can help you, just go to their website at TekMyBiz.com or give them a call at 888-970-7835.    So we will see you next time for another tech webinar from TekMyBiz.