Nintendo’s Switch Lite seems like a great portable console. But due to the portable-focused nature, you’ll probably want to get a case for it. Fortunately, Nintendo is making an official one that looks just about perfect — assuming you live in Japan (via NintendoSoup).
The case appears to be made out of some sort of gray cloth, and it clips on to the Switch Lite. It’s not the flashiest case on the market, but it does the basics: it protects the Switch, it has a fold-down cover to keep the screen from getting scratched up, and it cleverly has some dimples on the cover so the joysticks don’t get ruined. (That should help anyone concerned about Joy-Con drift issues.)

The case is set to cost 3,758 yen, or roughly $35.36, when it comes out on November 1st, which makes it pretty affordable, too. There’s one problem, though: Nintendo has only announced the case for Japan, with no word of US availability.