The internet has empowered the consumer/client, and this has changed the way sales pros go about their business. For companies training sales candidates, it means making these and other changes brought on by digital technology part of the process.

A new infographic by the RAIN Group, titled, “10 Ways To Achieve Your Top Sales Priorities” looks into what today’s sales pros have to prioritize moving forward. The top 10 list comes from a survey of 423 sales and enablement leaders.

As a company which specializes in training sales professionals, the RAIN Group has a scholarly perspective on the industry. And when it comes to training, 83% of companies don’t have an effective training system in place. With so many new developments, being able to implement these solutions is key to addressing the concerns of sales professionals.

What are the Top 10 Sales Priorities?

According to RAIN Group they are:

  1. Improve the ability to communicate value: 70%
  2. Improve productivity of sellers and sales teams: 65%
  3. Increased business with existing accounts: 64%
  4. Improve retention, repeat business, renewals: 62%
  5. Improve sales opportunity approach and planning: 61%
  6. Win more against difficult competitors: 56%
  7. Improve seller’s ability to inspire with ideas: 57%
  8. Improve sales manager effectiveness: 54%
  9. Drive new logos/new accounts won: 53%
  10. Optimize our sales process: 53%

Based on these priorities, here are some valuable tips sales professionals and businesses can use to make them happen.

Tips on Achieving Sales Priorities

Value should be a priority. So, when a sales team or organization is set on delivering value for their buyers, they are more likely to grow revenue. In the survey, top performers lead the way over other sales teams across the board in delivering value.

This includes focusing on driving maximum value for the customer (81% to 61%), developing sellers to be as valuable as possible to buyers (66% to 39%) and working collaboratively to create value in new and creative ways (47% to 21%).

Create a referral and retention machine with a multi-pronged strategy which includes proactive ways for finding new opportunities.

When these opportunities are created proactively, 83% of account managers say client satisfaction is significantly better. This is because clients are looking for ideas and they want sellers to reach out to them.

So much so, 49% of very satisfied people with a product or service would consider switching to a different provider.

The next tip expands on the need to perfect your value proposition. This just doesn’t mean the product or service you are trying to sell to the client. It means value across the board, including the clients time. The research in the survey finds 58% of sales meetings aren’t valuable to buyers.

If you make the case to the buyer by addressing all of their priorities, you have a better chance. Make your case why it is important and urgent to move forward and why you are the best choice. This includes why they should believe in you, your offering, your company, and your ability to get it done.

Take a look at the full infographic below to find out the rest of the tips.

10 Ways to Accomplish Your Top Sales Priorities


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