Risky Cyber Threats & How to Stop Them

Risky Cyber Threats & How to Stop Them

Be Aware of Emerging Cyber Threats

A simple cyber-attack might easily crush your business and even put you out of business. A recent study showed that 60% of businesses that did go through a cyber-attack closed their doors within 6 months. Sadly, cyber-criminals are working overtime to find loopholes in the present security landscape, making it necessary for companies to be on their toes to outmaneuver the bad guys.

Ideally, your data security is only as strong as your weakest security link. As long as you can work to get rid of the emergent security dangers, you can protect your company’s track record and acquire a competitive advantage in your market. Is it a simple job? No, it isn’t. Keeping up with current security threats requires a keen eye and a skilled IT team, however leaving things to opportunity is never an option. The technique is to build a robust danger evaluation program and to use the required security controls.

Here is why danger evaluation is vital and how to battle all cyber dangers:


  • Focus On Risk Assessment
  • 4  Threats and Their Solutions
    • Zero-Day Exploits
    • Shadow IT
    • Warshipping – a Major Threat
    • IoT Attacks

Focus On Risk Assessment

Comprehending your present risk landscape and where your business vulnerabilities are, security-wise, is an important part of developing a solid security posture. Preferably, you need to recognize the most vulnerable parts of your security system, whether the existing security tools are capable enough, and how to seal any loopholes. Threat evaluation helps to determine the best methods to eliminate threats.

It also assists to rank the risks, making it simple to take full advantage of a company’s available resources. When it comes to your IT group, it assists to determine weaknesses that you have talent-wise and offer sustainable solutions. For instance, you can contract out a task, hire more experts, or intensify staff member training. It likewise makes it easy to determine the very best individual to use the role of monitoring a specific danger. Basically, the threat evaluation will give you a overall view into your entire security risk landscape and support your decision-making process.

4 Key Threats and Their Solutions

Zero-Day Exploits

A zero-day attack is simply an attack that exploits unidentified vulnerabilities in your business’ systems. IT teams barely have enough time to patch the vulnerability, and often have to work towards fighting against attacks to regain control. While it can be possible to stop some attacks before they even happen, it is difficult to fight against something that you barely know exists.

Even worse, some software updates might expose your business to vulnerabilities, which at times results in zero-day exploits. Patching these vulnerabilities before they can turn into an attack is essential, especially considering that zero-day attacks are becoming more refined. To solve the problem, IT teams need to watch out for vulnerabilities in their company’s systems constantly.

Also, it is essential to install security updates as soon as they are sent out. Sadly, Wannacry affected a lot of businesses that ran under the Microsoft OS, despite Microsoft having sent out a patch for the ad hoc vulnerability. Lastly, you need to use both AI-based security tools and data-based ones. While data-based tools are effective in identifying and preventing known threats, AI-based tools can be effective in keeping your business from unknown threats that cause your business’ system to behave abnormally.

Threats in Shadow IT

How well do you know the IT assets that employees use in their daily operations? Sometimes, employees might download applications that are outside the scope of what your business provides to streamline their work. While they will mostly use these unsanctioned applications without meaning any harm to your business, there is the chance that the applications can expose your business to security risks.

For instance, if a hacker were to find a vulnerability in these applications, they can quickly gain access to your sensitive data. Worst of all, it might be tough for IT teams to identify the threats since they do not know the applications that employees are using. Your IT team needs to take inventory of all applications that employees are using to battle shadow IT.

You should outline the application that you sanction for use by employees and have policies warning against using unsanctioned apps. Since employees tend to mostly use other applications due to shortcomings in the ones you provide, it is ideal for collaborating with employees in choosing these applications. This ensures that they will stick to the applications that you provide as a business.

Warshipping Is Becoming a Major Threat

Warshipping is a simple phishing threat in which hackers use the mail delivery system to launch their phishing attacks. They attach remote-controlled devices to packages that they send out to organizations and use these devices to access an organization’s network remotely. Once in the network, they can collect credentials and make costly changes to your data.

Worst of all, it might take some time for the inattentive IT teams to identify the looming threat. Start by asking employees to have their personal packages delivered at home, not at work, as this reduces the chances of an attack. Quarantine packages delivered into your premise, and place them in an area that has little to no access to the corporate network.

Such packages should be scanned for any threats before the recipients accept them. Lastly, be on the lookout for unsanctioned Wi-Fi devices that may connect to your network or any rogue wireless access points that employees can confuse for your business’ network.

IoT Attacks

IoT devices are gaining traction in today’s convenience-oriented business world. You might already have devices such as cameras and sensors that help make your business’ daily operations smooth. Sadly, most of these devices are made with security as an afterthought, making them easily vulnerable to attacks. If hackers manage to gain access to such devices, there is no limit to what they can have access to in terms of sensitive data.

Realizing this, IoT device manufacturers have started creating devices that are designed with security as a key consideration. The best device manufacturers are also always looking for vulnerabilities in their current devices and sending out ad hoc updates to patch them. Ideally, your business should continually update its devices once a patch is sent out. Partnering with security-conscious companies might also pay when it comes to identifying the best IoT tools to use and the security precautions to follow.

While the threats above are plaguing businesses at the moment, more threats are bound to arise with time. The initial step to creating a safe environment for your business is to indulge in risk assessment religiously. Follow the tips above to keep your business protected from the outlined threats.

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What Will the World Be Like in a Year or Two?

What Will the World Be Like in a Year or Two?

The Videos Below Give Us a Picture

For decades, people have made use of innovation to make day-to-day life more comfy and also simple. Science has actually evolved and also come to be much more sophisticated to satisfy consumer demands in the marketplace. For instance, the Entertainment marketplace has advanced from many technical developments of online reality games turning into immersion experiences.

Technology has altered the world in many methods current decades, however, the development of innovations promises that by 2020 technology will certainly transform a lot more. It is worth mentioning that 2020 has been named the “year of the great modern technology leap”.

Modern technology has entirely transformed the means we work as well as is advancing in different markets. Below, we offer a listing of the seven innovation predictions that will happen in 2020 and that will transform nearly all elements of working life.

Artificial Intelligence or AI

A core purpose of the digital world is the development and the growth of systems efficient in finding out and also adjusting to improve efficiency. In this regard, AI is the a huge wager as it makes into every area of our lives and will certainly end up being the foundation to improve the customer experience, enhance services, help with the search and also administration of info and reinvent a wide range of corporate versions, since it is by definition a series of innovations capable of learning to execute very common tasks or jobs efficiently, such as recognizing as well as refining human language. Some innovations offered to the consumer that includes AI, entail video gaming consoles, like the Sony PS5 Home. New patents submitted by Sony have exposed a brand-new attribute that Sony is creating for its PlayStation computer game gaming consoles called PlayStation Assist. The application will offer gamers tips by capitalizing on customer data as well as expert players. It will have the ability to identify a player’s progress and also offer details advice reports on sites like Gamerbolt.com.

Innovation has completely revolutionized how we work and is growing by leaps and bounds in many sectors. Below, we provide a list of the seven key predictions that will be happening in 2020 and that will impact nearly all aspects of everyday life.

Rise in Social Media

The most interesting thing about our century is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to become the next generation technology of recent times. Like Facebook, in a few years Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing and social media networking will become such an important pillar of our daily interactions that future generations will not be able to contemplate what life was like without it.

The future of social networks depends largely on Artificial Intelligence.

Facebook has been using Artificial Intelligence to analyze its users’ activity and demographics and improve their experience. That is, Facebook algorithms, among other things, track user comments on different topics and use them to find out what content is located at the top of a particular user’s news. This new technology has also helped social network users better identify themselves through face recognition and easily find friends through user location and other provided data. Twitter, on the other hand, uses Artificial Intelligence to track trend and determine which #hashtag to rank.

In social media, AI, is driving growth for many platforms by providing personalized experiences and engagement for users. For instance Chinese video app TikTok is gaining popularity very fast through ingenious methods of engagement and body part recognition. Driving it’s success and more followers for tik tok is advanced technology capabilities like machine learning, algorithms, body recognition and sourcing news made possible by its developer who specializes in AI and big data analysis.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT forms the basis of the next industrial revolution and is considered the next great novelty in home automation technology. Today we see that there is an invasion of IoT in our lives, homes and offices and even in big cities and transportation. By 2020, we intend to see 50 billion interconnected objects. Owners can control everything in their homes, from lighting to temperature.

Experts predict that by 2020, more than 50 billion “things” (physical objects) will be interconnected. With all this, it will no longer be just the internet of things. It will be the “internet of everything” and “everywhere.”

5G Networks

Directly related to the evolution and implementation of IoT is 5G technology, which is postulated as the high-speed highway through which all data will travel in the most immediate future. Its deployment will allow new business models in the field of Industry 4.0; major advances in the development of services linked to IoT and will provide improvements in speed and latency.

Not only would it enrich the user experience by offering higher data rates when we talk about virtual reality or augmented reality, but it will also favor security, which is where the latency point comes in. It is anticipated that when a movie takes 26 hours to download on a 3G network, in 5G the time will be reduced to 3.6 seconds.


Blockchain allows companies to track a transaction and work with un-trusted parties without the need for a centralized part (i.e., a bank). This greatly reduces friction in business. Blockchain could potentially reduce costs, reduce settlement times of transactions and improve cash flow.

The current state of Blockchain shows everything about its uses and will continue its position in the top technology predictions of 2020. Slowly, but surely, it is positioning itself among the many industries. By 2020, the maximum companies will adopt it for their website.

Edge Computing

Perimeter computing is a computer element in which everything, from information processing, content collection and delivery, is close to the source of information. This new model greatly reduce latency (time required for sending data).

Being an important part of a new 2020 technology predictions, we are expected to witness that more attention is paid to perimeter computing to enable smart grids, in which the connected devices will perform the necessary analyzes in place and use the results to perform them.

3D Printers

The 3D printer has been strongly adopted in recent years. It is a growing technology that has opened a new door of possibilities in different industries. 2020 will be a year of take off for 3D printers, which will constitute the next technological revolution. This new manufacturing system will bring major changes to current business models. It should be mentioned that 3D printing is called the third wave of the industrial revolution. This imparts power to people, to produce whatever they want. This new manufacturing system will bring major changes in current business models.


It is one of the most important perditions in the current technology landscape and will continue to be in the coming years, since it influences in a transversal way in any sector. With the rise of cyber attacks, all those matters related to defense against external threats and Internal data protection are the main concerns of IT managers in almost all organizations. In addition, by 2020, organizations must already be fully adapted to the new data management and protection framework.

Final Words

The technology predictions for 2020 closer than we think

In this era of globalized economy, we see that there is an unprecedented invasion of changes in the social, economic and technological areas. Technology predictions will change the way we do business in the future.

The possibilities and benefits offered by these seven technological trends are apparently endless. Most experts believe that taking advantage of these highly advanced technologies in our society and workforce will definitely improve our lives, both professionally and personally. The pace of technological innovation in any organization will create substantial opportunities to grow and provide the right service at the right time.

The year 2020 is just the beginning of the revolution that is yet to come. When we reach 2050, the world as we know it will have completely transformed to be better. Technology year by year surprises us and we must be prepared to adapt it to our business.

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Consider the office printer.

Massive, hulking things — the devices looming in the corner of workplaces around the world have come to represent untold hours of frustration in the form of printer jams and toner problems. According to security researchers set to present their findings this Saturday at the DEF CON hacking convention in Las Vegas, they also happen to be a cybersecurity nightmare.

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